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Wet Cutting Core Bits

Concrete, rock, and steel are difficult to cut into and penetrate. To do the job correctly, your operations need something that is tougher than the material you're trying to cut. At, we have a wide selection of wet cutting core bits that make precision cutting jobs easier and are built to last.

Browse through our pages to see the latest in premium cutting tools, including diamond drill bits, wet core drill bits and tile drill bits that will give you the precision you need to cut through tough materials, bit by bit and inch by inch. Cut through asphalt, reinforced concrete, masonry, stone and other hard construction materials with ease.

Premium quality diamond drill bits feature high diamond concentration to give you maximum footage and superior drilling speed. has appropriate bits for light and medium-to-heavy steel applications. Choose tile drill bits for making precise holes without cracks in ceramic and porcelain tile. Check out our selection of core drill bits to find the right model for asphalt and various enforced concrete applications.

Lowest Cost per hole - fastest Drilling Speed
Our top selling Wet Diamond Core Bit. Supreme Quality has very high diamond concentration and gives maximum footage and drilling speed. Designed for all types of wet drilling. Use in moderate to high steel applications.
Lower Initial Cost
Premium Quality has a high diamond concentration for good footage and drilling speed. Use for small to medium core drilling jobs for wet drilling in applications with light to moderate steel.
Plank (Precast) Bits
Our Plank diamond core bits are made with closely spaced segments to fill in gaps that resist segment failure from pre-tensioned wire and cable.
Crown Type, Premium Wet Cutting Core Bits
Crown tyoe bits are used for small diameter core bits when drilling concrete with heavy steel or wire mesh.
Asphalt, Premium Grade Wet Cutting Core Bits
These Premium Grade Bits can tackle the toughest asphalt or abrasive concrete.