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Sawzall Blades

General Purpose Sawzall Blades
Designed for versatile cutting performance across the broadest selection of materials including nail-embedded wood, plastics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
Metal Cutting Sawzall Blades
Optimized for best cutting performance in pipe, conduit, strut, threaded rod, angle iron, duct and other metal building materials.
Wood Cutting Sawzall Blades
Optimized for best cutting performance in nail-embedded dimensional lumber, OSB, plywood and other engineered lumbers.
Ice Hardened Sawzall Blades
Ice Hardened blades are cryogenically treated to minimize soft metal and create more hard metal. The result is a metal cutting blade that is more consistently hard throughout, for up to 50% longer life than standard blades.
The Wrecker General Purpose Sawzall Blades
The Wrecker is ideal for general purpose demolition cutting. It will deliver exceptional durability in a wide range of materials, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastics, and nail-embedded wood.
The Ax Wood Cutting Sawzall Blades
The AX blade is designed for the toughest cutting applications in wood and nail embedded wood. AX blades have a sloped shape for superior plunge cutting for demolition and remodeling work.
The Torch Metal Cutting Sawzall Blades
The Torch delivers exceptional durability and straighter cuts in pipe, conduit, strut and other metal materials.
Bulk Blades
Packages of 50 and 100 in all of the Sawzall blades we carry.