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Hand Held Diamond Core Drill Machines, Parts and Accessories

When you hit super tough ground in the midst of an important dig, it's imperative that your machinery can keep pushing forward without a hitch. Our selection of hand held core drill parts, accessories and machines is designed to ensure that you can blast through the snags that would normally hold you back.


Keep your jobs on track by making sure that the incidental steps progress smoothly. Choose from a range of shoulder-braced and side-handle form factors to find tools that your crews can rely on through hours of continuous precision work without succumbing to fatigue along the way.


We stock a range of diamond core drills that feature extremely strong tool heads, but our product line focuses on more than just the business end of the drill. We're proud to say that all of our core drilling machines are made with strong exteriors, durable high-powered electronics and heavy-duty carrying cases that let them keep up with you no matter how rough and tumble your job sites become.


Browse the selection below for parts that can transform your current tools into work-worthy behemoths, or upgrade to something completely new. Regardless whether you're going to be wet or dry drilling, U.S. Diamond Tool is always ready to support.

Hand Held Core Drill Parts
Parts for Handheld Core Drill Machine
Hand Held Core Drill Accesories
Centering Aids and Spindle Adapters for Hand Held COre Drills.