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Diamond Core Drilling Accessories

What keeps your diamond core drilling hardware moving when tough jobs threaten to halt forward progress? No matter what kind of drilling accessories you rely on, U.S. Diamond stocks the essential components you need to complete replacements, perform repairs and handle the periodic upkeep that makes your operations more cost effective.


Working with mixed equipment or gear that doesn't quite match? Browse our categories to find drill adapters and miscellaneous accessories that support your unique set up. Our broad selection of couplings, washers and spacers makes it much easier to transform your hodgepodge of equipment into a smoothly running industrial system.


Of course, we know core drills aren't the only pieces of machinery you worry about. Ensure your support systems are just as ready to tackle tough aggregates and surfaces by taking a look at our water control parts. With a range of quick-connect fittings to choose from, you can easily build a complete drilling rig that accommodates rapid reconfiguration and makes it easier to get work done. To get started creating your ideal core drilling system, check out our diamond core drill bit adapters, extensions and vacuum pump parts.

Diamond Core Bit Extensions
Machined from solid steel.Extensions allow you to drill deeper than the normal core bit length. Various sizes and styles available.